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餅 • mochi
17 February 2011 @ 11:08 pm
This icon is fabulous. I should revamp my icons to all Takuto being all ginga bishonen because he is that fabulous. ♥

recommend a friend meme!

Have I seriously not done a meme yet on this journal?! I don't even have a meme tag O__O
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餅 • mochi
02 February 2011 @ 02:43 pm
Heyoooo~! So how's the Snowpocalypse been affecting you guys? I've been at home for 2 days straight with no school. That's the first time my school district has ever done that oAo I'm so shocku right now 8D That and bored. It's so cold inside and out and the powers been randomly going off and blah. There's nothing to do x__x

BUT I managed to finish Professor Layton and the Curious Village today! :D I can't believe I finished it with no guide oAo; I used the hints and stuff but I don't think that counts :P ksajflkasjf It was so good *__* The story was super unexpected. And how suddenly everything makes sense at the very end? Ahh so good 8D No wonder the characters looked weird :P Also Luke ♥ I'm gonna start on the next one soon~

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! For those on the other side of the world that is. Bah I'm too cold to type anymore.
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餅 • mochi
23 January 2011 @ 01:01 am
What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

I have so many... I read a lot more when I was a child than I do now ;A; First of all the Eric Carle books! YEAH A Very Hungry Caterpillar and all those things? I think I liked it cause the illustrations were cool 8D And then the Frog and Toad series cause they were long-ish but they had pictures. Go pictures 8D Junie B. Jones books cause she is so hilarious and cute ♥ And then the Fudge series with that dude who had a pet dog named Turtle. I think the girl, Shiela? Was my favorite character. And the Series of Unfortunate Events, anything by AVI, these cool pop up book things... Yeah this list could take a while.

I volunteered at my school's debate tournament today and got 4 NHS hours /o/ That being said I didn't actually DO much during that time. I figured I'd be moving things around or walking around or doing something... but NOPE I just sat in the middle of a hallway and told people where to go 8D It ended up being a study session for our Latin tournament next month/English since my friend was there with me so it was a win-win-ish situation :P

I'm starting to play Ragnarok Online again. Actually XiLeRO if it matters. ~*~JOIN ME~*~
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餅 • mochi
18 January 2011 @ 10:49 pm

First attempt in making onigiri! They tasted fine but they look kinda derp 8D I need better filling for them. And maybe some actual sushi rice cause that sticks together better. And tastes better~ Oh maybe some sesame seeds too? Though I don't think those actually add taste they just make things look better 8D

Speaking about food my friends and I sign up for ~*~cooking~*~ in our Humanities class's Medieval Faire! :D We're making some apple-y things and maybe almond milk. Cause it sounds like it'll taste good. And it might win us some points from the teachers if we make it good enough ;D

Oh hey it's my 10th post here! Happy 10th post :D

My birthday is coming up~ Not really but it's going to be my ~*~sweet sixteen~*~ so you have to plan this early and stuff. I was planning on having some sort of joint-ish birthday party with my friend since our birthdays are close enough (mine Feb 10th and hers Feb 6th)... but I don't know how my parents/her parents will handle that 8D

Before I have nothing else to say, I need recommendations! ;A; Like... music recommendations. Cause when I was all not being able to fall asleep last night, all my shuffle played was k-pop/j-pop/some really old English music. And by old I mean I listened to them in elementary school. SO YEAH! Give me your music recs because I desperately need them ;__; I'll try anything really?
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餅 • mochi
17 January 2011 @ 01:22 am
Hello hello! I'm currently in the middle of taking notes for WHAP and doing Latin but I don't feel like talking about either of them so this will be a fandom-ish post! :D

First of all I started reading Ao no Exorcist and omigosh it is the best manga I've read in a while *__* It's so interesting and the characters are so likeable and GAH I can't stand how it's a monthly manga and the scanlators are a few chapters behind D8 My favorite character right now is either Yukio or Rin cause hehe guns&glasses&that trench coat or swords&fangs&cooking. Yeah I dunno why I find those characteristics attractive :'D And they're brothers. Oh. And I'm not even describing the storyline 8D So yeah. You should read it. The art is nice and clean too. So go read it >:D

And just cause I watched an episode today... ~*~STAR DRIVER~*~ This anime is like Code Geass all over again. Except with less old characters and FFFFFUUUUU faces. I haven't been lurking /a/ this much in a while 8D So yeah today's episode! The anime's actually starting to pick up now! You know, halfway through the series XD I really liked today's episode :O Not just cause Mizuno's one of my favorite characters right now but cause the thing with Sugata and Head and Wako and Mizuno? I actually sense plot coming~ o0o If they can't wrap this up in one season I really hope they'll be a second one *__* And a new transformation sequence 8D I'm actually missing it ;__;

I want to rant more but I feel like I won't be able to put down any coherent thoughts anymore so a list of new animes I picked up this winter:
• Infinite Stratos - this looks so promising so far, please don't disappoint
• Gosick - I'm not usually into mystery but Victorique is so cute~ 8D
• Beelzebub - Whoohoo generic shonen!
• Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Maybe it's just cause I was expecting a full out magical girl show but I'm still iffy on this one D8
• Fractale - Haven't watched the first episode for this yet so no thoughts~
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餅 • mochi
01 January 2011 @ 09:16 pm
Yes first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great new year's eve or whatnot and here's to 2011 :D

I think I said that I'd update more during break but HAHA I haven't updated at all! ...and now it's the end. GUH I don't want to go back on Tuesday ;~; I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out. Just kidding. That would hurt my knees.

Anyways 2011 resolutions:
1. Get a job. Hopefully by/during summer.
2. Lose 10 pounds by June. I need to start exercising more often.
3. DRAW. Cause I had so many things I was all bah I'll wait until I get a tablet.
4. Don't procrastinate on art. Everything else is alright.
5. Be more sociable or something.

I don't know what else to say. Starbucks's Peppermint Mocha thing or whatever it is tastes good.
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餅 • mochi
13 December 2010 @ 06:20 pm
Holy cow I haven't updated in a two weeks! And here I was getting a new LJ in order to update more HAHA! I need to go back and read all last weeks posts now and probably this week too since right now is ~*~EXAM WEEK~*~ Tomorrow is only Comm.Apps. though so there's an excuse for me to get on the computer :)

So anyways, check out my cosplay journal, fatstocking! As in episode 4 Stocking from Panty and Stocking :D I actually don't plan on cosplaying Stocking but whatever~ I like the username. And on that note I really hope that I won't see any fat PANTYs at A-Kon next year D8 I mean fat Stockings have an excuse I guess but unless Panty gets a fat episode too...

I guess I've never told LJ this but omg I have a tablet now! :D It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun and it is so much fun and I love it already~ It took me a while to get used to but eee~ Soooo cool. I can draw more and color better and *__* Speaking of drawing/coloring, pimping out more links here: deviantArt & thalassaicons (icon community that I need to revive)

Oh lastly major disappointment from that new SHINee single thing B|
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餅 • mochi
22 November 2010 @ 06:05 pm
POKEMON ENGLISH NAMES~! Does anybody know exactly what time they released them? Because I stayed up until 12AM EST on a school night even though I had nothing more to do just so I could get dibs on usernames of the Pokemon but NOOOO they had to release them later >:O Unless I missed it .__. BUT YEAH. Now all the usernames are taken up and I actually like the English names ;A; ...and that's my only complaint about that. Except for Ishhu → Unova but nothing I can do about that. Also I really like Oshawott *__* It's really cool sounding. Same for Snivy. Smugleaf would have been good but Snivy sounds really cool too.

Okay so onto today! I actually don't have a lot of homework today :D It sorta freaks me out since what if I accidentally forget something, but I am happy bout this -w- One more day until Thanksgiving Break! *A* I think I'm making this break seem too long. I have a LOT to do over break ;__;

I've been testing out sleeping stages lately. Like a 20 minute nap is enough to refresh you and you have to sleep in multiples of 90min a night. I read about it here and it's really interesting o.o Last night I slept 6 hours which is less than I usually do, but I wasn't as tired during the day? I'm planning on 7 1/2 hours tonight though! And I took a 20 minute nap last night too. It didn't exactly refresh me as I thought it would but it helped a little.

Lastly! I watched the Tinker Bell Disney Fairies movies this weekend and they are the cutest thing ever *__* I sorta kinda want to cosplay as Terence or something. Tinker Bell + Terence OTP ♥
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餅 • mochi
21 November 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Hello hello! This is oblivionly Mochi who just moved journals because she felt like it. What am I supposed to say on a first post? I don't know. I'm supposed to be reading A Tale of Two Cities right now, but I really don't feel like it. Anyways I guess I'll put a bunch of links here. Feel free to visit them :)

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