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08 April 2013 @ 05:30 pm
o27}. brand new melody  
✪ Yayyy blogging...!

✪ Gonna have a busy week this week ;A; Latin competition on Friday after school. Unfortunately it's nearby this time so we won't miss Friday driving anywhere... Which also means that I can't pull an all nighter to finish things ahhh! I'm entering the costume contest this year with my friend this year. Gotta finish a whole Greek armor set in a week... Here have some progress pictures. Bonus picture of my dog because he can be cute sometimes.

✪ Prom is in two weeks! Still unsure if I'm going or not. Why are they so secretive about the price! I have a budget to keep up here ;A;

✪ Speaking of budgets, finally booked an AX hotel a few days ago! /o/ It ended up being cheaper than I expected which is nice too c: That money's going towards prints a-yup~

✪ Thinking of making a friending meme soon uwu; Initially planned on it being on DW but I never started using it like I thought I would and my LJ's all set up and pretty~ /sobb sometimes I miss the old days of LJ a lot ;0;
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