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11 February 2013 @ 04:42 pm
o26}. h-hey livejournal  
WHOA it's been a whole year since I updated you! I thought I was moving to Dreamwidth but noope that place is deader than ever so I guess I'll come here again c: I feel like it's easier to write longer entries here than on tumblr anyways lolol.

SO YEAH this past weekend was Chinese New Year + birthday weekend! >w< SOOO MUCH FOOD INVOLVED. But still so much fun 8D/ I really need to buy more Just Dance games because they are sooo much fun ;__; Played that and SSBB for the majority of my party~ I need to practice more in SSBB... I MUST BEAT MY FRIEND...!! She wins too many tourneys! ;w;

ALSO I really love how my friends know I cosplay... And get me cosplay related things for my birthday. They'll probably never read this but, YOU GUYS ARE TOO MUCHH ♥♥♥ And I guess art related things too! Got a new set of Sakura Microns! >w< New pens are so freaking nice to use *__* And their brush marker whoaaa I laaahv it~ ♥

And now I need to go read Heart of Darkness. Whoops part 1 test tomorrow and I haven't even started ahhhh.
bringing the party to you: 『emma frost』→ ❝ x-men: first class ❞scintillulae on February 15th, 2013 08:43 pm (UTC)
hey bb! /o/
dreamwidth and livejournal both seem on the dead side these days because everyone's moved to tumblr and places like that. :c

Just Dance is so good, omg. I mess up half the time because I'm too busy laughing at how dumb some of the moves are.