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20 August 2011 @ 12:26 am
o24}. i feel so cool cool  
HEY EL-JAY~ You should all get a TEGAKI Messenger so I won't be lonely and resort to sending messages to random tumblr users! It's basically a thing where you draw messages to people and it'll be fun! And if you already have one, message me~ 813-4107-2413

In other news, tax free weekend in Texas~ We're going to Kohl's tomorrow to buy clothes and stuff for back to school and all that jazz. I can't believe I used to hate shopping HAHA. I mean it's not that much greater now
but it's not horrible 8)

School starts Monday... suffering ;~; I hope I have friends in my classes. I hope I can make friends. GAH I'm so bad at making friends asflkajsfasklfj

I'm almost done with A-Fest merchandise! Here's a list if you want to see my lovely creations~ Need to mass produce more penguins and bunnies and sew the rest of my Charizard charms and I'll be done!
Penguin Cubee
Panda Cubee
Bunny Cubee
Gengar Charms
Current Mood: chipperchipper