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餅 • mochi
02 January 2034 @ 12:00 am

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餅 • mochi
08 April 2013 @ 05:30 pm
✪ Yayyy blogging...!

✪ Gonna have a busy week this week ;A; Latin competition on Friday after school. Unfortunately it's nearby this time so we won't miss Friday driving anywhere... Which also means that I can't pull an all nighter to finish things ahhh! I'm entering the costume contest this year with my friend this year. Gotta finish a whole Greek armor set in a week... Here have some progress pictures. Bonus picture of my dog because he can be cute sometimes.

✪ Prom is in two weeks! Still unsure if I'm going or not. Why are they so secretive about the price! I have a budget to keep up here ;A;

✪ Speaking of budgets, finally booked an AX hotel a few days ago! /o/ It ended up being cheaper than I expected which is nice too c: That money's going towards prints a-yup~

✪ Thinking of making a friending meme soon uwu; Initially planned on it being on DW but I never started using it like I thought I would and my LJ's all set up and pretty~ /sobb sometimes I miss the old days of LJ a lot ;0;
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餅 • mochi
11 February 2013 @ 04:42 pm
WHOA it's been a whole year since I updated you! I thought I was moving to Dreamwidth but noope that place is deader than ever so I guess I'll come here again c: I feel like it's easier to write longer entries here than on tumblr anyways lolol.

SO YEAH this past weekend was Chinese New Year + birthday weekend! >w< SOOO MUCH FOOD INVOLVED. But still so much fun 8D/ I really need to buy more Just Dance games because they are sooo much fun ;__; Played that and SSBB for the majority of my party~ I need to practice more in SSBB... I MUST BEAT MY FRIEND...!! She wins too many tourneys! ;w;

ALSO I really love how my friends know I cosplay... And get me cosplay related things for my birthday. They'll probably never read this but, YOU GUYS ARE TOO MUCHH ♥♥♥ And I guess art related things too! Got a new set of Sakura Microns! >w< New pens are so freaking nice to use *__* And their brush marker whoaaa I laaahv it~ ♥

And now I need to go read Heart of Darkness. Whoops part 1 test tomorrow and I haven't even started ahhhh.
餅 • mochi
30 December 2011 @ 01:15 pm
It looks like everyone is abandoning LJ and moving to DW so I guess I'll post this thingy.
THE Livejournal TO Dreamwidth (FANDOM) FRIENDING MEME!
餅 • mochi
21 September 2011 @ 05:43 pm
It's been a while, again! But suddenly I feel like blogging again so here I am. School's started... Actually it's almost been 5 weeks since it's started! So yeah recent things that happened...

I joined photo club today! It sounded interesting and they planned on doing dark room stuff so I hope that happens. I join too many clubs just to watch them die Speaking of clubs anime club was yesterday. I didn't go but my friend said it was bad and she came from a screaming anime club = good so I'll attend the next meeting

My friend's planning another art circle this Saturday! Except it's a cosplay one... Eh. I don't really wanna dress up, but now it just sounds like I'm being bitter. Bah I'll just wear a wig.

Another friend invited me to Six Flags this Sunday! I haven't been in forever! I'm excited for that~

I'm thinking of starting a review-ish blog on tumblr... With gifs! I think it'll be fun
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餅 • mochi
20 August 2011 @ 12:26 am
HEY EL-JAY~ You should all get a TEGAKI Messenger so I won't be lonely and resort to sending messages to random tumblr users! It's basically a thing where you draw messages to people and it'll be fun! And if you already have one, message me~ 813-4107-2413

In other news, tax free weekend in Texas~ We're going to Kohl's tomorrow to buy clothes and stuff for back to school and all that jazz. I can't believe I used to hate shopping HAHA. I mean it's not that much greater now
but it's not horrible 8)

School starts Monday... suffering ;~; I hope I have friends in my classes. I hope I can make friends. GAH I'm so bad at making friends asflkajsfasklfj

I'm almost done with A-Fest merchandise! Here's a list if you want to see my lovely creations~ Need to mass produce more penguins and bunnies and sew the rest of my Charizard charms and I'll be done!
Penguin Cubee
Panda Cubee
Bunny Cubee
Gengar Charms
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餅 • mochi
22 May 2011 @ 10:07 am
It's almost the end of the school year. I felt like this school year went by too fast ;__; Aside from one class (coughhackhealthcoughcough), all my classes were so much fun to be in and I actually knew people in them I kinda don't want to leave. Though I still do cause lololol who wants to stay in school. Next year will be so weird though since a bunch of my friends are going to a different high school and a bunch are headed off to college... well not really but they get college credit. WHY ARE MY FRIENDS SO SMART ;~;

On another note, end of school year = closer to A-Kon. I'm so excited about going! But I haven't even finished a costume yet... There's like 19-ish days left? 2 costumes to make, 1 to fix up, and I still need to style a wig. For some reason I'm completely hopeless at doing that ;~; I've had it pinned for weeks then I had to take all the pins off and now I need to pin it again. Grr.

roxas recommended me to join gargleblasted. It's so big I don't know where to start D8

I'm gonna change all my icons now. I've had these since I first had this journal. That wasn't too long ago but whatevs.

My mom left to vacation in Indonesia. I want to go. I want to buy cheap things. I want to eat good food. BAWWW.

My favorite anime of the season are AnoHana, Tiger&Bunny, and Ao no Exorcist ♥ I don't know why I felt the need to say that.
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餅 • mochi
So it's the band/choir/orchestra trip on Friday, and since I'm in none of the above, I was stuck it school doing absolutely nothing! 8D All my classes were so empty so the teachers were all pshh we can't do anything about it we're just gonna sit here doing nothing! So school was a waste of time but it was refreshing to not do anything :)

Oh Latin state competition was a few weeks ago! It was so much fun! I was playing Black and White with my friends the whole time 8D Okay well that's not all I did. I won my mottoes test 5th place out of all those private school peeps so I'm happy bout that :D And our school won sweepstakes 2nd place! *__* Feels good man.

School also had Mulan Jr. play last week or something. I watched it cause my friends were in it -w- It was pretty good~ I saw my friends that I haven't seen in forever and we kinda stole the reserved seats 8D Nobody ended up sitting in them though so it's all good.


Fractale ending on the other hand...

I'm bored.
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餅 • mochi
20 March 2011 @ 10:01 pm
☆ Survey meme! Tagged by scintillulae
A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. I refuse to do that.

cut cut cutCollapse )

Oh snap I forgot to mention in what I did today that I found a lost dog with my sister and spent some time walking around before finding it's owner who lived two houses away from us. Haha. The dog was so small and cute and fluffy and unlike my dog. It was so nice too *__*
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餅 • mochi
19 March 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Holy cow I haven't updated in almost a month now! Just checking back here to say that I'm not dead Spring break is almost over and that makes me all because I still need to do a huge pile of homework and because I don't like school.

I had a Pokemon B&W post all shiny and ready but then I accidentally pressed the back button while working on it and it went kapoot SO yeah now I'm all unmotivated to work on it. If you play Pokemon feel free to add me Elsie - 1463 5770 7974

I had a tag about Fractale cause I mentioned it once, but I never watched it so I finally got around to that and caught up and I looooooove it It's all sci-fi but not too sci-fi that I don't get it and the animation is awesome and it feels like a really long movie. It's just cool 8) And Nessa is so cuteee

I've been making gifs lately now that I know how to make high quality ones They're all on my Tumblr~

Go have an awesome day or something!
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